Will More People Work Remotely after Covid-19?

With the uncertainty that the current situation has caused, we have been forced to work from home. This would be a new experience for most businesses. It is something that they would have never tried, but how many of them will have more flexible working options when the Covid-19 pandemic is over?  


Working from home can increase productivity for certain job roles by:


  • Giving you a flexible schedule

  • Not requiring you to commute

  • Having zero office distractions

  • Allowing you to save money on expenses

  • Making calls are easier due to being in a relaxed environment


If the results show a benefit to our efficiency at work which matches the benefit we gain mentaly from having flexible work options, then it raises no question for the companies with traditional working environments to evolve. This paired with a reduced need for large office spaces leading to lower rent and overheads could be what helps many businesses survive the next 12 months.


Another thing we need to be aware of is that the current issue is a double edged sword. Although we are pulling together across the country to ensure Covid-19 does as little damage as possible, once things are back to normal socially we have to consider the economy. 


It has been twelve years since the financial crash of 2008 and we are again facing a recession. However, the response to the current lockdown could have given businesses an opportunity to limit the damage during the next 12 to 18 months by proactively reducing overheads starting with remote access working and reducing rents and potential travel expenses. 


Whatever happens I don’t think that we will ever return to the way we worked before this and as long as we are productive at home our work life balance can increase enormously and our companies are much more likely to survive the coming storm.