Granular File Backup For Any Device

Backup and restore all of your files and folders from any device on any operating system

Protect all of your critical data with the granular file backup by Cloud Dolphin with military grade encryption built in to keep your mission critical data safe. Select the files and folders you would like to backup, set your daily, weekly or monthly schedule and have peace of mind with the built in reporting tools.

How can Cloud Dolphin help?

We specialise in solutions that not only transfer your data to an ISO 27001 accredited UK data centre but also encrypts data prior to transfer from your account and protects your data against malicious attacks once stored.

Protect PC’s, Laptops, Servers & VM’s

Install the client on any device, on any operating system and select any file you have on those devces.

Granular Restore

All data you backup can either be restored in full or you can explore the file tree and restore a single file if it was accidentally deleted.

Incremental / Differential Backup

We only backup the changes made to your data each day saving you costs on storage space and shortening the length of time it takes to backup.

Retention of Deleted Files

If your data is constantly changing and you are always accidentally deleting files, you can customise the length of time your deleted files are kept in the backup area.

Protect Accidentally Deleted Files

One of the most common causes for data loss is through accidental deletion, now we can enable you to restore in an instant.

Multi-Site Accounts

Combine all of your business locations NAS drives into one account for easy management.

Deployment for Cloud Dolphin Granular File backup solution is easy and flexible. To backup all data on any device, simply create a user account on your web management portal. Install the agent on to the device, create your backup set and then schedule how often you would like it to run. The data will then be encrypted, sent and secured in a UK data centre ready for when you may need it.

256 Bit Encryption

An International standard which ensures data is encrypted/decrypted following this approved standard, it ensures high security for data in transit and storage.

UK Based Support Team

Pro-active backup monitoring, assisted setups, training & account management, all free and all here in the UK