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What is Data Security?

There has been a huge emphasis on data security, largely because of advances in computer technology. There are a number of options for locking down your data from software solutions to hardware mechanisms. We would hope that computer users are more conscious these days, but a lot of businesses fall short by not training their staff. Ask yourself, is your data really secure? If you’re not following this guide, your sensitive information could be at risk. 


The basics in data security, just think about when you log into your email or blog account. That single sign-in process is a form of authentication that allows you to log into applications, files, folders and even an entire computer system. Once logged in, you have various given privileges until logging out. Some systems will cancel a session if your machine has been idle for a certain amount of time, requiring that you prove authentication once again to re-enter.

The single login scheme is also implemented into strong user authentication systems. However, it requires individuals to login using multiple factors of authentication. This may include a password, a one-time password, a smart card or even facial recognition.


Encryption has become a critical security feature for thriving networks and active home users alike. This security mechanism uses mathematical schemes and algorithms to scramble data into unreadable text. It can only be decoded or decrypted by the party that possesses the associated key.

Full-disk encryption

This offers some of the best protection available. This technology enables you to encrypt every piece of data on a disk or hard disk drive. Full disk encryption is even more powerful when hardware solutions are used in conjunction with software components. This combination is often referred to as end-based or end-point full disk encryption.

Staff Training

Users opening unvetted emails could cause your network to be overrun in an instant. Make users aware of potentially threatening emails and ways to mitigate against opening your network up to attacks. This is a simple method but a very effective one.

Backup Solutions

Data security wouldn’t be complete without a solution to backup your critical information. Though it may appear secure while confined away in a machine, there is always a chance that your data can be compromised. You could suddenly be hit with a malware infection where a virus destroys all of your files. Someone could enter your computer and thieve data by sliding through a security hole in the operating system. Perhaps it was an inside job that caused your business to lose those sensitive reports. If all else fails, a reliable backup solution will allow you to restore your data instead of starting completely from scratch.