Data Backup – Is Your Backup Plan Bulletproof?

Do you worry about what you would do if you were struck by data loss? Finding the right solution is much simpler than you may expect…

Let’s get one thing clear to start, synchronisation isn’t backup! Cloud syncing services like SharePoint, Onedrive and Dropbox are an easy way to keep files updated across multiple devices but if you think you can rely on this to recover from a disaster situation then you are running a risk.

Trying to recover from a synchronisation platform could leave you vulnerable. For example; if one of your devices is struck by ransomware it is able to spread via the software to any device with access to your account. This would mean that not only your data on the cloud could be corrupt but the device itself would be locked down, to recover would mean complete recovery from operating system up.

If this was a server with a specific configuration you would have to restore that before you could restore the data meaning your RTO (recovery time objective) would be pushed back. Could your business withstand days / weeks of downtime?

Once you have been hit by data loss with no robust backup solution in place, you won’t be able to recover from what isn’t there…

A backup plan to withstand time

When it comes to backing up your data we always look at all eventualities for your business, but it’s the plan of action that saves the bacon once something goes wrong.

Keeping 3 copies of data is the best method of protection…

Original Copy

This is the ‘IN USE’ copy of data, this may be on a Server, PC, Laptop or NAS drive, it is used day to day to access you data across your business. This is the most vulnerable data set as it is live with active modifications and deletions being performed hourly.

Local Backup Copy

This is your initial defence against data loss as this, in it’s best form, is updated hourly at least and is kept on your company site for quick restores of deleted / corrupt files. For virtual environments this can enable you to spin up a virtual machine from the backup source to get a VM up and running again in seconds. Backup schedules can be set for as many or as little as you like, the best thing is; Cloud Dolphin include as many local backups as you require for free when taking any of our cloud backup solutions.

 Cloud Backup Copy



This is the godfather of backups, this is the one you go to when all else has failed. If your site has been hit by fire or flood…no problem, simply setup your new device from your backed up cloud copy of data at your new site and you’re away and working again. We offer a solution to backup any application on any operating system so you can use us for any requirement you may have.



As we move into 2020 it is essential to know the data map in your business, your data backup strategy and your disaster recovery plan should the worst happen.


Planning the above will save your business time and money in the event of a disaster situation; imagine not having a plan in place and finding out your business can’t recover following mass data loss…What would you do?