Computer Repair During Covid 19

 The world of computer repair has drastically changed over the past few months and what once was a visit to your customers office may now be a visit to your customers employee’s home.

We now have to consider cyber threats on a large scale with devices being kept outside the office, this could also mean a higher risk of theft, damage or fire.

A VPN for security, a cloud backup for data protection and better insurance for theft or damage are some of the important things to consider. The likelihood is, some businesses that have realised an office is no longer needed may switch to WFH (work from home) more permanently.

Whilst this opens up a lot of opportunity with the potential for winning new business looking after the employees home networks and other devices they may have, business to consumer (B2C) relationships are a lot different to business to business relationships (B2B).

With a business relationship, the scope of works defines the commitment by the provider to the business customer, but with a consumer relationship, the goalposts can change quite regularly so being clear from the outset on work to be completed is ever more important to verify you as a trusted provider.

It takes a long time to build a reptation so knowing how to handle all customers with care and professionalism is key in moving forward in these hard times.

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