Office 365 Cloud Backup

Complete data protection for your Microsoft Exchange, OneDrive & SharePoint accounts

Microsoft Office 365 is a growing platform with endless possibilities, but most people think that because they’re working on the cloud that their data is backed up on the cloud…this isn’t correct. Even with an online service it is important to back up your data to an off-site location (away from Microsoft servers).

How can Cloud Dolphin help?

We specialise in solutions that not only transfer your data to an ISO 27001 accredited UK data centre but also encrypts data prior to transfer from your account and protects your data against malicious attacks once stored.

Set it & Forget it

Simple setup process that once complete needs no further maintenance by the user.

Restore to original or alternative location

Simply restore your data back to it’s original location or send it to another domain.

Exchange Mailbox Backup

Backup individual mailboxes, any folder or single emails in one easy to use window within the online backup page.

Granular Restores

With this you are able to perform flexible restores of a single file, folder, or a complete mailbox.

SharePoint Online Backup

If you have data stored within a Sharepoint account, you are now able to back this up with our Office 365 backup solution.

Cloud to Cloud or Cloud to Local

Either run backups directly from an Office 365 account to our cloud or use an agent to deliver a local copy to a secondary offline location.

Onedrive Backup

Backup all Onedrive data with this solution.

Easy Scheduling

Perform hourly, daily, weekly or monthly backups to suit your requirements.

Cloud Backup Deployment

Deployment for Cloud Dolphin Office 365 backup solution is easy and flexible. To backup all data within an Office 365 domain, simply create a user account on your web management portal. Then, you can either create an Office 365 backup set through the portal or in your backup agent installed on your device. The data will then be encrypted, sent and secured in a UK data centre ready for when you may need it.

Have more than 700 Mailboxes?

If you have more than 700 mailboxes to backup you will benefit from a ‘FREE’ fully managed, dedicated server that has optional rebranding (white label) included.

256 Bit Encryption

An International standard which ensures data is encrypted/decrypted following this approved standard, it ensures high security for data in transit and storage.

UK Based Support Team

Pro-active backup monitoring, assisted setups, training & account management, all free and all here in the UK