Here we have some frequently asked questions that other clients have asked us in the past.

Yes! Our backup solutions is able to update your data daily which allows you to go back to a previous version of your data and recover from a ransomware attack preventing you from paying cyber criminals.

All data is stored within the borders of the UK and will never be shared or accessed by anyone other than the encryption key holder / owner of the data.

Data is held on a secure private network in a 256 BIT encryption key format which is 340 billion times harder to crack than 128 BIT encryption – even if you build a world wide network of super computers designed for the purpose of trying combinations as fast as possible, it would still take more than 100 billion years on average to stumble across the correct key.

Cloud Dolphin support team are able to get you setup the very same day with a transfer of data to the cloud varying depending on size.

We are able to upload your data directly to the cloud via seed load which on average takes 24 hours.

With our backup software you are able to backup almost any type of data from all of the popular applications used by all businesses today; our most popular products are on the home page.

Yes! We run demos every day of the week and also have 24 hour support with assisted services on evenings and weekends free of charge.

Of course! Take the software for a test run and see how it can transform your backup requirement and protect your business.