About Cloud Dolphin Ltd.

Above: Co-founders Kiran & Andrew

Cloud Dolphin offer a complete backup solution that includes software & storage and it can be deployed anywhere in the world. All data is held on Cloud Dolphin hardware in a 256-bit encrypted format which allows us to offer a fully GDPR compliant service to the resellers end points.

We were told a lot prior to customers choosing us that other solutions on the market are far too complicated to use and that ours simplified everything for them saving them time and money. Our functionality is second to none and the user interface is a familiar Windows 10 format so the transition to understanding our product is effortless and not too techy.

This is with thanks to our resellers and end points; we always ask for feedback whether it’s positive or not as this helps us see where we can make improvements.

Pricing was a really important consideration and our competitive edge is from the fact that we took the time to understand the MSP / Reseller’s requirements and challenges. We always deliver a personal relationship and support 24/7 which has really helped us grow as fast as we have.

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